Hans J. Geuze
& Biologist



Both Dutch as exotic bird species are model in the paintings of Hans j Geuze. He is most inspired by the interplay of their colors and patterns with the environment wherein they live. He also paints bird portrets. A favorite group of birds is the marsh birds, like the Bittern (see his book "Moerasvogels").



Mute Swans
Great Black-backed Gull
Knobbelzwaan Mute Swan kl Grote Mantelmeeuw Great Black backed Gull kl
60 x 35 cm / Watercolor 65 x 43 cm / Watercolor
s  s
Purple-crested Lourie / South Africa
Jabirustorks / Pantanal
Purple crested Lourie Zuid Afrika kl Jabirustorks Pantanal kl
52 x 36 cm / Watercolor 62 x 44 cm / Watercolor
 s  s
Crimson Topaz / Venezuela Tawny Owl
Crimson Topaz Venezuela kl Bosuil Tawny Owl verkocht kl
32 x 42 cm / Watercolor rode stip
 s  s
Peruvian Pelican / Peru Bittern
Peruvian Pelican Peru kl Roerdomp Bittern kl
52 x 69 cm / Watercolor 30 x 45 cm / Watercolor
 s  s
Mute Swans
Little Egret
Knobbelzwaan Mute Swan 2 kl Kleine Zilverreiger Little Egret kl
65 x 43 cm / Watercolor 38 x 26 cm / Watercolor
 s  s
Black-tailed- and Bar-tailed Godwit (r) Little Grebe
Grutto en Rosse Grutto rechts Black tailed and Bar tailed Godwit right kl  Dodaars Little Grebe kl
44 x 26 cm / Watercolor 38 x 23 cm / Watercolor
 s  s
Long-eared Owl
Great Indian Hornbill / Maleisië
Ransuil Long eared Owl kl Great Indian Hornbill Maleisie kl
40 x 53 cm / Watercolor 35 x 45 cm / Watercolor
 s  s
Great Egret / Florida Kelp Gulls /Falklands
Great Egret Florida kl Kelp Gulls Falklands kl
60 x46 cm / Watercolor 63 x 43 cm / Watercolor
 s  s
Bittern Avocets
Roerdomp Bittern 2 kl Kluten Avocet kl
rode stip 52 x 42 cm / Watercolor
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