Hans J. Geuze
& Biologist

Butterflies and Moths  

As a Wildlife-artist and Biologist, Hans J Geuze is very much interested in the formation of colors and patterns on butterfly wings and their role in the butterfly life. The colors are formed by numerous microscopically small scales on the wings and can be seen as small spots at high magnification. This renders the butterfly wing the appearance of a pointillistic painting. More paintings and information on butterfly colors can be found in Geuze’s recent book “Vlinders”.     

Angle Shades Owlet Moths
agaatvlinder angle shades kl uiltjes owlmoths kl
50 x 32 cm / Watercolor 100 x 65 cm / Acrylic
Map Butterfly Red Underwing
landkaartje map butterfly verkocht sold kl rood weeskind red underwing kl
rode stip  rode stip                               57 x 41 cm / Watercolor
Six-spots Burnet Holly Blues
sint jansvlinder six spot burnet kl boomblauwtje holly blue kl
34 x 32 cm / Watercolor 39 x 33 cm / Watercolor
Burnished Brass Orangetip
koperuil burnished brass kl oranjetipje orangetip kl
49 x 28 cm / Watercolor rode stip  30 x 26 cm / Watercolor
Carpets Comma Butterfly
bandspanners carpets kl Gehakkelde-Aurelia-4web-kl
60 x 80 cm / Acrylic 50 x 63 cm / Watercolor
Small Tortoiseshell Garden Tiger
kleine-vos small tortoiseshell kl grote-beer garden tiger kl
35 x 45 cm / Watercolor 44 x 57 cm / Watercolor
Poplar Hawk-moth Purple Emperor
populierenpijlstaart poplar hawk moth kl Grote-Weerschijnvlinder-2-gr
42 x 49 cm / Watercolor 44 x 58 cm / Watercolor
Carpets Silver Y Lookalikes
Bandspanners.jpg-kl gamma uilachtigen silver y lookalikes kl
50 x 68 cm / Watercolor 34 x 52 cm / Watercolor
Painted Ladies Mint Moth
distelvlinder painted lady kl muntvlindertje mint moth kl
47 x 64 cm / Watercolor 35 x 25 cm / Watercolor
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rode stip = sold